Our mission. Market seeks the advertisement technologies which will allow to get more traffic on so called CPA model, when the business can get the actions (from calls to transactions) with manageable and predictable price and volume.

Our products are high-loaded systems of analyzing the traffic on the machine learning algorithms using very exclusive datasets.

Our data includes such exclusive sources as traffic providers, web counters, the network of plugins and other.

Our clients. First our clients are banks and realty estate, amongst them are such giants as Open bank in Russia and Leumi in Israel, real estate companies as Sminex and PIK.
About US
We are the young but experienced team based in three countries, development team is located in Berlin, Germany, bigdata science lab is located in Raanana, Israel, and sales houses — in two FSU countries, Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod, Russia and in Kiev, Ukraine.
Our contacts
E-mail: info@upravel.com
Hibat Zion, 23/3, Ramat Gan, Israel